This project will provide a tool for benchmarking networks. It will use builtin ICMP/Ping and Traceroute utilities as well as FTP- and HTTP-miniclients to collect data to measure network speed and available bandwidth.

The application will be able to use dynamic settings: the user may define all parameters for running ping and tracert commands as well as a valid connection to an ftp-server with read/write-access to send/receive prebuilt files to measure gross bandwidth per second. The application will provide templates for multiple networks so benchmark data can be applied to a specific connection for result browsing.
This way different networks or different connections in the same network can be compared easily. Output will display min/max/average values of collected data, benchmark settings, date and time in a standard Windows-GUI and optionally store them in a builtin database. Comparison charts and graphs will be implemented to visualize and compare network performance / differences between networks or internal network connections. A builtin timer will allow the user to run benchmarks at specified intervals: It may be usefull to collect data every hour for a whole day / week or even month to get an overview on network performance.

The project is yet in early planning stage so some details may change and more features (e.g. other protocols like http for downstream performance) may be added. The application is intended to be a tool for network administrators who want to benchmark LAN- or WAN-connections for documentation and/or troubleshooting. It is meant to be used alongside Wireshark, Angry IP-Scanner and similar networking tools.
For more information visit the sourceforge project page, feel free to post on the forums or provide some feature requests!